Infrastructure & Facilities

Infrastructure & Services

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We have a well planned infrastructure facility that supports us in our operations.

Following are the features of our infrastructure:

Work place: Extensive area spread across 7500 Sq .ft. with cutting edge tools and machines. A separate enclosure is set up to allow the construction of stalls for on time deliverance on the site.


Design Studio: We have professional designers who are proficient in software tools like CAD, MAX, & other involved programs. Our studio also has advanced technologies to offer ground-breaking blueprint.


Production Team: Our production team has profound understanding of the business of exhibition stalls. They possess the requisite technical awareness that assists them in executing their jobs to the best possible manner. The team works on Drawings / Sizes, Products / Structures and use of raw materials like wood, paint, metal work, carpet, lighting, glass work, which altogether compose the stalls.


Site Manpower: We are blessed with a very proactive Site manpower. The site workforce works efficiently at the site under the supervision of the site manager. This team works diligently by paying attention to the minutest detail. The manager, with his analytical skill and work experience motivates the team to give their best through our services.


Co-coordinator: Our sales and marketing team carries out survey and chalks out plan for the exhibition stall. The main agenda they keep in mind is the clients’ profile and what they expect from the project.


Network: We have developed a wide network on pan India basis with multiple vendor bases for the supply of the raw materials. They supply us with wood, paint, metal, carpet, glass, electrical equipment and other items we require for our stalls. Since our projects are spread across the country, we have, over the years, built a solid vendor base in places like Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad Calcutta and Hyderabad.

Complete Solution: We follow the single window operating technique to offer comprehensive set of solutions.